Life Advice


In these posts I want to share the learnings I’ve had in my experiences. My learnings will be guided mostly to younger audience but most will be applicable to all ages and people.

I have recently picked myself up some mentees in the forms of friends and relatives and will utilise them as examples / case studies.

I hope these lessons and life shortcuts will help you love the life you want to live.

Types of Life Advice Blog Posts

Running at the biggest triathlon in the world for a good cause with HeartKids

I had my first DNF in an ultra marathon at BTU110 due to knee issues. I have to embrace my inner shark and learn from this - Sharks only move forwards.

TLDR - To date (May 2022) my longest (128K) and most difficult Ultra Marathon in Central Australia. Gruelling course with no forgiveness. But I made it in 23h 22m and in 6th place. Amazing what the body and mind can do!

TLDR - we travelled to Greece and Italy in May - as soon as Australian borders allowed us. This was our first post-COVID adventure and we had a blast!