Life Advice


In these posts I want to share the learnings I’ve had in my experiences. My learnings will be guided mostly to younger audience but most will be applicable to all ages and people.

I have recently picked myself up some mentees in the forms of friends and relatives and will utilise them as examples / case studies.

I hope these lessons and life shortcuts will help you love the life you want to live.

Types of Life Advice Blog Posts

Set Sail and find all statues of One Piece's Straw Hat Pirate crew scattered throughout Kumamoto Japan as well as an amazing Castle and a Ghibli setting.

Not only home to the the 2nd bombing in WW2 in 1945 but well before this another dark past at Unzen Jigoku. The site of Christian martyrdom, a dark period during the Edo Period when Christianity was banned. Practitioners were tortured and killed in the boiling hot waters.

Visit the unreal forests of Studio Ghbli's Princess Mononosuke or see a rocket launch from Pokemon's Mossdeep Space Center

Shikoku - Mountains, Gorges, History and adventure