Money & Investments

Money & Investment

This landing page will cover topics on using your money as smart as possible. Efficient use of resources is crucial to living a comfortable life. Managing this is the difficult part and I hope to pass on things I have learnt to manage myself.

Covering a broad range of topics:

  • Investments
    • Shares / Equities
    • Real Estate –  Houses and Apartments
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • Trading Cards
    • Superannuation
  • Managing your expenses
  • Tools to help manage and organise your investments and income & expenses
  • Tips on being thrifty
  • Other

Investment Fundamentals Series

Topics covering a range of areas to help you understand your personal situation. Covering the topics from ‘How much should I invest?’ to ‘What types of Shares should I invest in?’. Follow the series and realise how shares and equities may assist you achieve your financial goals.

As you progress through the series, I would suggest first reading and using the template in: Investing Fundamentals: Full Starter Template And Review. This will guide you throughout the series. 

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